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Artsphere Consulting – From Vision to Reality

Artsphere Consulting offers a wide range of custom liturgical art and furnishings. Starting with your vision of enhancing your worship space with suitable artwork or new liturgical furnishings, we will work closely with you to help develop the appropriate artistic solution to your worship or devotional needs. Each piece is custom designed with your particular needs in mind. Our considerable experience with designing worship environments will be applied toward creating the ideal setting for liturgical artwork.

Liturgical Art Work and Stained Glass

From Stations of the Cross to walls of stained glass windows, Artsphere can create a unique, original and imaginative solution for any religious site. We employ master craftsmen from all over the world to create the works that will adorn your church. These artists include sculptors, painters, woodworkers, and more. We also help determine the best setting, scale, location and lighting for your artwork. No detail is too small for our team, and we make it a point to ensure that each piece is tailored to your needs.

Liturgical Furnishings

Artsphere Consulting has been at the forefront of liturgical design since 1993 for two reasons. First, we work with a parish to understand their needs and provide an inspired design that is a reflection of their personality. Then our expert craftsmen patiently fabricate those designs with the finest materials, time-honored techniques and an eye for perfection. The result is a cohesive liturgical design that will continue to be an inspiration for generations.

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